Future Strategies:

Future strategy will be followed through the following steps, as the second phase of the project, from 2017 to 2022.

  • Section 1:

    Quality analysis of harvested water in terms of physical, chemical, and microbial characteristics and heavy metals. Furthermore, to provide the knowledge related to public health protection as the harvested water is going to be used for drinking by local communities.

  • Section 2:
    In the research phase, we will try to evaluate the existing variety of structures based on hydrological and climatic conditions of the understudy area and to analyse the feasibility of construction of similar structures. Then and if it be possible, related supports and plans will be provided.
  • Section 3:
    The studies related to the potential assessment of solar and wind energy in understudy area and the feasibility assessment regarding to add renewable energy beside historical water structures in order to improve the quality of water would be conducted.
  • Section 4:
    Setting up tourist sites around the historical water structures.
  • Section 5:
    Organizing essential training for resident people to attain livelihood and empowerment of local communities.