How the project contributes to the implementation of one or several of the Sustainable Development Goals?

  • Desirable health, clean water, and sanitation: this project helps to improve the health level through improvement in the quality of water, which is used for drinking. This is in accordance with the third and sixth goal from SDG.
  • Contributing in the fourth goal of SDG, “the quality of education”, the project provides the necessary knowledge on improving public health as well as training for achieving sustainable work opportunities by setting up touristic sites.
  • Contributing in the first goal of SDG “without poverty” and the eights goal of SDG “good work and economy”, this project paves the way for social entrepreneurship and sustainable livelihood through setting up touristic sites.
  • Supporting the seventh goal of SDG “cheap and renewable energy”, the project aims to extend the culture and experience of local collective action to the upgraded utilities in terms of studies to justify solar and wind energy generation.
  • In line with the thirteenth goal of SDG, the historical water structures in Qeshm Island are capable of reducing the risks of flooding and droughts by letting the flash floods be stored in times of showers and carried over to the dry seasons.
  • Compatible with the natural ecosystem of the local area, the historical water structures are in good agreement with the fifteenth goal of SDG “sustainable use of land”.